Mr. Jeffries Has Decided that Norwalk Plumbing Will, After All, Go Ahead With the Purchase of Terre Haute Towing Service

Mr. Jeffries has asked me to pass the word to all employees that he has changed his mind and has decided that Norwalk Plumbing will, in the end, go ahead with the purchase of Terre Haute Towing Service—for the price which was originally quoted last August on the Master List of Towing Companies Terre Haute.

The reason he changed his mind was because of Michael Olson. Mike went to his office last week and told Mr. Jeffries that, after several days of discussions with his wife and family, he had decided that he was ready to accept the responsibilities of CEO of the new venture.

Mr. Jeffries had offered him the job three weeks ago, but Mike had declined because, he said, he was a plumber and knew nothing about running a tow truck company.




But as Mr. Jeffries has been telling all of us for the last three years, Norwalk Plumbing, the biggest plumbing company in the greater metropolitan Terre Haute area, has saturated its market and reached the limits of its growth.

If we want the company to keep on growing, and all of our salaries to keep growing as it does, then we are going to have to look towards opening new frontiers in new areas of endeavor. We must start thinking of expanding into other market niches,

That’s why in the last few years we have purchased two gas stations, one auto repair shop, three 7-11 franchises, one McDonald’s franchise, and are now about to sign on the dotted line for a towing company.

Norwalk Plumbing is a real cash cow. The company is immensely profitable, but having reached the limits of its growth, there’s nowhere to go but sideways; we must expand into other fields.

Although it’s true that Michael Olson knows nothing about running a tow truck company, he is a proven leader that has a unique gift for inspiring those on his team. It is that gift that Mr. Jeffries was thinking of when he asked Mike to take on the responsibility of CEO of Terre Haute Towing Service.

Mr. Jeffries wants all employees to know that he is deeply gratified that Mike has changed his mind and decided to get with the program. And he also wants everyone to know that this is just the beginning.

He has a great many new acquisitions that he is now considering. He wants everyone to know that their future with Norwalk Plumbing, which is fast becoming a kind of holding company, is very bright.

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